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Welcome Adventurers!! I can’t wait to take you on a hiking adventure with me!

I have always felt that although hiking is a fantastic activity to do while traveling, IF you’re not familiar with the area you’re visiting, it can be a little daunting to try and figure out where to go/what to do. For this reason, I am starting this hiking series of the Pacific Northwest region to give you an idea of good trails to take while in this area.

The first set of hikes I’m discussing are on a group of old logging roads near West Church Mountain. Specifically: Rd 3120, 3122, & 3124

In this video, we hike along Rd 3120, however you will find details about all three in the video.

Rd 3120
Round trip hike: 9 miles
Elevation gain: 1600 ft
Difficulty: Moderate

Rd 3122
Round trip hike: 2 miles
Elevation gain: 150 ft
Difficulty: Easy (need to walk from 3120 to get there or drive if the seasonal gate is open…note that if the ground is muddy, you will definitely need 4-wheel drive or all wheel drive)

Rd 3124
Round trip hike: 1/4 mile
Elevation gain: NA
Difficulty: Easy (accessed from 3120 as well)

The book that I got my hiking information from is called:
Roads to Trails: Northwest Washington Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forests by Washington Trails Association by Ira Spring

Also, the map is from Green Trails https://www.greentrailsmaps.com/
They can be purchased at REI, as well as most other recreational supply companies.
I purchased the Mount Baker Wilderness map, however there are options of purchasing individual section maps as well.

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Stay tuned for a foodie adventure next week!! Thank you for watching!

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