“WORRIES” is one of 3 short films I shot in Olympia, WA when I just got out of film school. Back then I was shooting film stock on an Eclair NPR 16mm French camera, cutting on a flatbed Moviola, and having my processing and negative conforming done at Alpha Cine in Seattle. Everything was expensive to produce until Video and FCP became suitable alternatives.

“WORRIES” was screened at DREAMWORKS internal film festival in 1996 and helped me secure a position with HBO on the first season of “Sex and The City” in New York the following year.

Victim- Jeff Brown
Barber- Deems Urquhart
Man- Oliver Deathsmith
Trapeze Artist- Tina Nole
Clown- John Mandich

DP- Jamie Burton Chamberlin
1st AC- Eric Anderson
1st AD- Melissa Cliver
Make Up- Shelley Davies-Palmer
Wardrobe- Tracey Rutledge

Alpha Cine

Eastside Barber Shop
Olympia, WA

“Moving Through Time”
Angelo Badalamenti



More info on WORRIES- 1994 SHORT FILM (16mm)

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