LES SAPEURS: Premier Fashion show hosted by Gustavo Apiti Couture showcasing his Women’s Power Suit collection of Fall 2018, added interview with Claudia H Brady from www.thecitizenlifenow.com

Les Sapeurs Fashion Show was held at Sheraton Hotel Downtown Seattle, Wa on Saturday August 18th, 2018, featuring Seattle local talent.

Claudia H Brady – The Citizen Life Host
• Gustavo Apiti Couture Designer (feat interview)
David Bailey- Fashion District NW
Channel ATV
host: Aliea Taylor
Dj Rob Martini

Sabrina Osborn- [email protected]_and_brina
Andria Liann- [email protected]
Raven West- [email protected]enwest_seattle
Avi Hart- [email protected]
Jessica Marie Boyle – [email protected]
Kayla Nicole Downs- [email protected]
Tahlia Carchedi- [email protected]
Rizza- [email protected]
Oshea [email protected]

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