Hey Travelers,
Our family is in a road trip and we went to Northwest Arkansas and this is what happened. We got to hang out with our friend, James (aka BusVlogger), and he showed us around his farm and his office that has an old Coke machine in it that he used as storage.

We also loved his firepit and we roasted hot dogs and made smores with roasted marshmallows. We also hung out with James’ house pig and had a great last night in Arkansas!

Have you ever been to Arkansas before? Let me know in the comments below!

Do you know how to say “travel with kids” in other languages? In Chinese it’s 和孩子一起旅行. In spanish it’s viajar con niños. In Portuguese it’s viajar com crianças. In Hindi it’s बच्चों के साथ यात्रा करें. In Arabic it’s السفر مع الاطفال.

I also know that in Italian it’s viaggiare con i bambini. In Japanese it’s 子供と旅行する. In German it’s Mit Kindern reisen. In French it’s voyager avec des enfants. Do you know how to say “travel with kids” in any other languages? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, let me know in the comments where you are watching from!

Happy Travels,
The Travel Vlog Family

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How do you say “Family Travel” in many of the world’s top languages? Here are several… سفر العائلة, 家庭旅行, voyage en famille, Familienreise, परिवार की यात्रा, viaggi di famiglia, 家族旅行, 가족 여행, familiereiser, viagens em família, семейное путешествие, viaje familiar, familjeresor, การเดินทางของครอบครัว. Do you know how to say “family travel” in any other languages? Let me know in the comments below!

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