Come on an adventure with us as we explore the coolest things to do around the great Pacific Northwest, with host Grant Goodeve and Touch the Pacific Northwest.

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  • 70s (and 80s) TV Exposure, Volume 5: Beefcake Revisited

    Poseidon3 said.... Labuanbajo, I have a shot of GM in Playgirl that seems in line with what's in the black and white photo IF he has his pants hoisted clear up to where the seam of them is against his "taint" and everything is headed down one leg, which is the way men wore their pants for a long, long time (and very few seem to now.)

  • 2017 in film - Wikipedia

    Evaluation of the year. Richard Brody of The New Yorker observed that for 2017, "the most important event in the world of movies was the revelation, in the Times and The New Yorker, of sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, and the resulting liberation of the long-stifled voices of the people who had been abused by him or other powerful figures in the movie business, and, for that matter, in other ...

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