More info on Northwest Orient Airlines commercial

  • Layover in Atlanta? Try your hand at flying a plane

    she tells us that the museum collection includes items from the history of 40 airlines — including Northwest, going back to when it was Northwest Orient, as well as China Southern and Pan Am.

  • Buster Keaton Collection and Industrial Strength Keaton

    This set has some of Keaton's live TV appearances, rare industrial films that he made (some of which are very funny), promotional films from the 30's and even TV commercials. This is an all around ...

  • Anatomy of an Airliner

    In the mid-1950s, as airliner systems grew more complex, the Airline Pilots Association mandated three-man crews. In the early 1970s, computers in cockpits replaced flight engineers, who currently fly ...

  • The 727 Turns Fifty

    In addition, the airlines wanted equipment for operation at smaller airports ... That rear stair came in handy during D.B. Cooper’s famous 1971 hijacking of a Northwest Orient 727; he opened the door ...

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