Experience the lure of Canada’s high Arctic aboard an expedition cruise through the mythical Northwest Passage.

Designated a Canadian Signature Experience by Canadian Tourism, Adventure Canada’s Into the Northwest Passage and Out of the Northwest Passage voyages are the ultimate in expedition cruising.

Visit us online at http://www.adventurecanada.com or call 1-800-363-7566. Your Arctic adventure awaits!

Filmed aboard Adventure Canada’s voyage “Out of the Northwest Passage”, September 2015.

Director: Jason van Bruggen

More info on Adventure Canada’s Northwest Passage

  • Northwest Passage - Wikipedia

    The Northwest Passage (NWP) is, from the European and northern Atlantic point of view, the sea route to the Pacific Ocean through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America via waterways through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The eastern route along the Arctic coasts of Norway and Siberia is accordingly called the Northeast Passage (NEP).

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    Mention an “Alaska cruise” and what comes to mind? Usually, the answer is the “Inside Passage.” Why? This protected waterway is one of the most scenic in the world and one of the few locations where deep-draft vessels can sail close to steep mountain walls.

  • John Franklin - Wikipedia

    Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin KCH FRGS (16 April 1786 – 11 June 1847) was a British Royal Navy officer and explorer of the Arctic. Franklin also served as Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land from 1837 to 1843. He disappeared while on his last expedition, attempting to chart and navigate the Northwest Passage in the North American Arctic.The icebound ships were abandoned and the entire ...

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    At Adventure Travel we’re not just about travel, we’re about creating extraordinary experiences. Our team have crossed all 7 continents and have the expert knowledge that is only gained by having been there ourselves.

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    Adventures NW Glacier Bay Photography Workshop Our 8-Day Adventures NW Photography Workshop aboard the David B offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take your photography to the next level in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Alaska’s magnificent Glacier Bay. The David B goes places that are off-limits to the big ships, allowing us the chance to get up close and personal ...

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    Our People; Our Power. Adventure Canada's staff makes us who we are. These naturalists, scientists, culturalists, artists, and musicians breathe life into the Adventure Canada experience by sharing their knowledge, their experience, and their passion.

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    About Canadian Arctic & Greenland. With great exploration and historical interest worldwide, the vast wilderness of the Canadian Arctic & Greenland is like no other place on earth.

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    The Arctic Saga: Exploring Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen itinerary will have you traveling under the midnight sun to some of the most remote islands on the planet, where only a small number of adventurers have ever left their footprints.

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    Get a taste of Europe on the French island of Saint-Pierre. For many people, the island of Saint-Pierre is a bucket-list item. Just off the coast of Newfoundland, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon remains a French overseas territory.

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    Climate change is increasingly opening up the Northwest Passage, an Arctic sea route north of the Canadian mainland. Could it herald an era of more cargo shipping around the top of the world? Back ...

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