Your Guide to the Best Seattle Vegan Restaurants

Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

Asian inspired cuisine tends to be the go-to option for those following a vegan lifestyle in Seattle. The Japanese, Chinese, and Korean influences extend outward from the International District to provide a healthy variety of eating choices. Whether you’re looking for a great place to eat when visiting the Emerald City or want to discover your next favorite restaurant, here is the definitive guide to Seattle’s vegan restaurants for your consideration.

Emmy’s Vege House

If you want something that is 100% vegan, then a quick trip on the ferry to see Bainbridge Island is in order. You’re offered a full service menu that includes vegan meat dishes.

If you like fried rice, then for $8 you’re going to get enough to share with a friend. The kabob noodles are downright incredible and many of the tofu dishes are also gluten free as well for those who have a sensitivity.

One point to note: this restaurant is cash only. Take a taxi from the ferry terminal, get a great meal, then come back across the water for an amazing experience.

Chaco Canyon

This local favorite offers three locations for added convenience: downtown, the University district, and in West Seattle.

Everything is baked in-house, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky contamination issues that creep up from time to time at other places.

Their potato pancakes are tasty on a rainy day.

Through partnerships with local farms, diners also have a unique access to organic seasonal produce. Be sure to check out their specials that change monthly.


The Reubender might just be the best sandwich you’ve ever had. At Highline, they make their own vegan corned beef. Combined with the provolone sauce and sauerkraut, you’re going to want more than just one sandwich.

All sandwiches here are just $10 with a +$2 if want to add a side. The Citizen Fish is another worthy sandwich, featuring a beer-battered soy fish fillet with garlic aioli.

If you don’t want a sandwich, tacos and pub food are also available. Don’t miss the garlic cheese curds or potato salad.

Bamboo Garden

You’ll need to skip the fortune cookies here that are pre-made, but otherwise the Asian cuisine at this vegan restaurant is some of the best in the city.

If you love a good hot pot, then the braised bean curd with shiitake mushrooms in brown sauce is out of this world.

Any of the noodle soups are worthy of a try. Follow that up with the Mongolian vegan beef and request a side of fresh asparagus. Still hungry? The hot almond pudding is something you won’t want to share with anyone else. Lunch and dinner combos are available as well.

Loving Hut

If you want to stick with something that you know and love, then the Loving Hut has a franchise in Seattle for you to enjoy.

The consistency and quality of this food is unquestionable and the portions are just right to make sure you leave feeling full and satisfied.

The fresh dishes include the popular Mongolian wonder. Pair it with the Loving Hut salad or a veggie wrap for a great meal. We recommend ordering the Ocean Claypot with a Thai iced tea for a taste of the Pacific Northwest.

Wayward Cafe

Conveniently located off of I-5 at NE 65th Street, this vegan dining option offers delivery if you feel like staying in.

If not, then load up with a tall stack of pancakes with berry compote and whip cream for an amazing breakfast.

Stop by for lunch and order the Seitan Philly and substitute the French fries for coleslaw at no added charge. For dinner, the Country Fried Platter is going to fill you up. Bring the kids for the chiggen nuggets or fried tofu sticks.

Hit up the gluten-free menu for the quinoa bowl. You’ve got plenty of options here – the trouble is choosing just one of them.


We love Thrive because not only is it vegan friendly, but the food is also free of all 8 major food allergens.

Virtually everyone can come here to have healthy food, smoothies, or even locally made kombucha.

The warm grain bowls have a distinctive Asian feel to them, as do the soups, but the coconut curry is something that everyone will love.

Several salad options are also available and don’t leave without trying the tiramisu.

Café Flora

Located at 2901 E Madison St, Café Flora is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant that serves top quality cuisine at affordable prices. The staff working here are incredibly friendly and eager to offer advice for non-vegans who are interested in trying out something new, plus the general atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly.

Acquiring fresh produce daily from local organic farmers from the Washington area, the ingredients are combined to create imaginative and inventive vegan meals that are as delicious as they are healthy.

As with most restaurants that use seasonal produce, the menu is ever evolving, moving with the seasons to give you taste of what has been naturally grown in the local area. The menus may not be the largest, but the high standard of food that can be found more than makes up for the small lack of variety – but as the menu is constantly changing, you can expect to find new additions regularly added.

Silence Heart-Nest Restaurant

A unique establishment in the heart of Fremont, this charming little restaurant serves some fine meals throughout the day, with their breakfast menu being particularly popular.

The pancakes are to die for, as are the waffles, which can be prepared vegan style or even gluten free. Items throughout the menu are available in vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, with the friendly servers all too happy to give you the low down on what the best vegan options on the menu are.

Portions are also very generous, which is made even better by the affordable rates. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal, providing some truly flavourful ingredients for the various vegan dishes being served.

Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill is actually a part of a chain of restaurants that are popping across the west coast, with restaurants in Oregon, California and Washington. There are three Veggie Grills o be found in Seattle, one in Downtown Seattle, another in the University Village and a third in South Lake Union.

Their menu is teeming with various vegetables, nuts and grains that are combined into flavorful vegetable bowls bursting with flavour. Everything served is free from animal produce, placing an importance on using the freshest seasonal produce to create some truly healthy vegan dishes.

The setting is more of a casual dining experience thanks to it following the business mold of opening several chains of the one restaurant. Regardless of that, the food being served is still of the highest quality and the staff are very welcoming, always serving with a smile on their face.

The menu boasts breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with plenty of variety for each. Sides, appetizers and entrees are all available too, as vegan are vegan friendly burgers and sandwiches.
Seattle offers an extensive selection of vegan restaurants that will allow you to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest. Try something new when you visit the Emerald City and you will have a marvelous culinary experience.

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