Is Washington all hippies and homeless people? Not even close. This state is very diverse, with a large gay population, and a conservative base on its eastern side.

In this video, we discuss everything from the Starbucks culture to bigfoot sightings, and the sports scene. Washington is a ver diverse state with Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane offering a wide variety of people.

We also talk about the music scene in Washington and what type of food Washington residents eat.


Our goal is to combine recent data, fun videos, and thoughts about local culture into bite-sized snacks of shareable information. We call it bite-sized regional infotainment. We try to paint a picture of what’s happening in a region based on “Friday Night Science” — how’d you argue at a bar. To do that, we gather data from around the web to help determine a wide array of factors about where you live, things like safety, desirability, and culture.

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