hello everybody! Today’s video is a little vlog where I show you guys what I did in seattle (alone!). I never really do anything of the solo travel type but I thought that you guys would enjoy. Here is a list of all of the places I went to, for reference!

Hostel: HI Seattle at the American Hotel (extremely affordable!!)
Cats: Neko, a cat cafe (very affordable as well, also the option to buy only 30 minutes I guess if you don’t wanna cuddle cats as long??? jk but seriously)
– Kiki Ramen Seattle (they have one vegan option)
– Mighty O Donuts (ALL VEGAN WOOOOOOO)
– Pike Place Chowder (their lemon lime chowder is vegan and their bread bowl is vegan. Everything else is made with real clams and such, rip clams)
– Wayward Vegan Cafe (best food ever. For real. Take your non vegan friends here. And your vegan ones. Everyone.)

music used:
city of angels – lakey inspired
not the kind – ice tea

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