Thank you to all my Seattle friends for an incredible week! It’s all fun and games until you miss 2 flights back home and you can’t miss anymore because you have to go back to school and work. I hope you all enjoy and remember to like and subscribe!

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  • Seattle, Washington | Travel Diary - As Told By Ash and Shelbs

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  • Seattle, Washington: What We Did - Travel Diary

    Seattle, Washington: What We Did - Travel Diary Travel Diary,Seattle Washington: What We Did - Travel Diary,Travel Diary,Family 2018,Travel Vlog,Lake Sammamish,Seattle Space Needle,space needle ...

  • Seattle Travel Diary — Missmisschelle

    If you're ever traveling to Seattle, I hope that this Seattle Travel Diary has helped you out a bunch! This blog post definitely took me a couple of days to write and polish, but it was definitely worth every moment.

  • Travel Diary: Seattle - Chanfetti

    Travel Diary: Seattle The BF and I recently took a quick weekend trip up to Seattle, Washington to celebrate his birthday! Before this trip I had never been to Seattle, and quite frankly it wasn’t on my radar of places I wanted to visit.

  • Seattle Travel Diary: 1 Day in the Seaport City - A Cup of Owl

    Travel Seattle Travel Diary: 1 Day in the Seaport City September 25, 2017 Seattle Travel Diary: 1 Day in the Seaport City. Seattle, WA – Revisiting Seattle in 13 years gave me major throwbacks. I didn’t have as much time as I did in Vancouver, but I tried to fill in as much as I can with the limited time we had!

  • Travel Diary: Seattle, WA - La Vie en May - Petite ...

    Travel Diary: Seattle, WA 8:30 AM. Some of you may have seen some pictures from my Seattle trip on Instagram. It was a little peek into my mini vacation on Memorial Day Weekend. I'm here to share more from my trip below! I had a great time visiting a lot of the popular sites, but many of them cost money. I have a mix of everything I visited ...

  • TRAVEL DIARY | Seattle

    Recently Alex + I went to Seattle for the first time, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! We absolutely LOVED it there + wanted to take you guys along with us on a glimpse of our weekend trip!

  • Travel Diary & Things To Do In Seattle, WA - Jasmine Flowering

    Travel Travel Diary & 5 Things To Do In Seattle, Washington December 18, 2017 This blog post is a travel diary entry from my trip to Seattle, WA back in September of 2017. It’s also a little helpful guide on things to do in Seattle.

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