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Most Popular Seattle Tours


These popular Seattle tours are the best way to explore Emerald City! With such interesting attractions to sightsee fascinating things to do, and amazing day trips to take, Seattle will simply seduce you! A coffee lover’s paradise, Seattle is a great place to visit if you want to explore the culture of the American Northwest. Breathtaking urban architecture, historical places, amazing markets and much more, Seattle has it all!

There are so many different tours that Seattle has to offer you. You can pick from boat tours, bus and trolley tours, plane tours and walking tours. Whichever you prefer there is a tour in Seattle that you’ll like. Try one or try many and you’ll see all that Seattle has to offer. It’s a great place to visit and you’ll see that on any of the wonderful tours offered in the city of Seattle.

Seaplane Flight Tours

Is there a better way of exploring a city than from a bird’s eye view? Tour Seattle by air and discover the best vistas of the Pacific Northwest.

During a Cascade Range Seaplane tour, you will get the change to admire some aerial views of the majestic volcanoes of Mount Baker and Mount Rainier, to fly up-close to Mount Index, and get a glimpse from above at Bill Gate’s luxurious residence.

When touring Lake Union by air, you can grasp a sense of one of Seattle’s most charming neighborhoods, as well as of admire the city’s top attractions, including the Space Needle from the skies.

The Waterfront Highlights flight is another scenic experience, where Seattle’s skyline is the main focus. In the background, the soaring views of the Olympic Mountains and Mt Rainier.

Helicopter Rides

Have you ever done it? Have toured a city from a helicopter? Anyway, Seattle is a great place for it! This port city featuring great architecture and soaring skyscrapers will provide a great background for your ride.

Try to locate Emerald City’s top attractions from above, and benefit from the pilot’s explanations as you glide above Seattle’s skyline and explore the city’s majestic natural surroundings.

Taking a helicopter ride above Seattle is an awesome experience! Totally worth it!

This unique Seattle tour will certainly complete your bag of memories and your image of Emerald City.

Walking Tours

You want to get the real pulse of the city? Put on your most comfortable shoes and start walking down the streets of Seattle. That’s the best way to explore a city! No fear of getting lost! Each new corner means a different Seattle experience!

You want to be accompanied by a guide and follow a local’s lead? Book a walking tour of Seattle and you will benefit from plenty of explanations and hears many many interesting stories. You can indulge yourself into a culinary adventure or just sample the city’s highlights.

Bus Tours

Guided Seattle bus tours by are very popular – maybe because this is the cheapest option, besides walking. The Emerald City Trolley Tour provides you with a great opportunity to explore Seattle’s top attractions leisurely.

The trolley has a total of 16 stops, including the Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Seattle Aquarium, Pier 66 on the Waterfront, the International District and some popular hotels around the city.

You can hop on and off, visit the attraction, sightsee the area and then continue at your own pace.

Boat Tours

Get on a ferry and tour the waters around Seattle, reaching fascinating destinations, watching dolphins and whales, or just admiring the city skyline from a distance.

Seattle is uniquely connected by water with many places of the Pacific Northwest and even with Canadian cities. You can get a boat trip to a nearby island, or you can go even further to Vancouver of Victoria in British Columbia.

The ferry-ride experience is not to be missed while in Seattle, but you can also embark on more thrilling water adventures such as a kayaking or canoeing tour, or even go scuba-diving, snorkeling, surfing or stand-up paddleboarding.

Food and Wine Tours

Ready to indulge yourself into a culinary adventure? Maybe it is less famous than Paris or Rome, but Seattle is for sure a good destination for all foodies.

You can explore the Pike Place Market for a full immersion into Seattle’s food history and culture, but you can also crawl the city’s best pubs, restaurants and, why not, its sweetest spots for the best chocolate in the Pacific Northwest.

A wine lover? Seattle is surrounded by vineyards and home to many wineries worth exploring.

Seattle Travel Guide

We recommend a fun day on the Ride the Duck tours, which gives you both land and sea views of the city. Same for the Gray Line and Water Excursion in which you’ll spend six and half hours touring the city by land and by sea. Also try the Plane tour for an aerial look at Seattle.

Below are just a few of the many Tours in Seattle. Pick one or two and enjoy because that’s what tours are all about, your enjoyment.

Argosy Cruises
Piers 55 and 57
Seattle, WA
The Argosy Cruises tour is a great way to see the Seattle Waterfront. Sit back and enjoy this tour.

Ride the Ducks
Space Needle and Seattle Center
Seattle, WA
The Ride the Ducks tour will take you by water and by land to see the great city of Seattle. This is a fun way to see the city.

The Underground Tour
608 First Ave
(between Yesler Way and Cherry Street)
The Underground Tour is a great outing. It takes you to the hidden Seattle for some interesting facts about the city.

Gray Line Land and Water Excursions
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
Seattle, WA
This is tour is six and half hours long and is another great way to see Seattle. Take the Gray Line Land and Water Excursion for a very nice taste of Seattle.

Gray Line Tours
Seattle, WA
The Gray Line Tours offers relaxing bus tours of Seattle.

Mount Rainier Tours
Seattle, WA
The Mount Rainier Tours offers guided bus or van tours and there are some pickups at area hotels. See if yours is one of them.

Plane Tours
Kenmore Air Harbor
Seattle, WA
The Plane Tours offers another wonderful tour of Seattle. Seeing the city from the sky is a real treat for all who visit.