Thrillist – The Backdoor At Roxy’s – Seattle, WA

Accessed via a nondescript door in the parking lot at Fremont mainstay Roxy’s Diner, this speakeasy-ish 92-seater’s serving up classic American eats/cocktails in a former Rain City Video space centered around a back-lit bar surmounted by reclaimed window panes, and made-over Jazz Age-style with wall murals of musicians/flappers, plus schmancy ReStore-sourced candelabras and tiered chandeliers, which, depending on the placement of said tier, may mean they’ve killed a man. Menu mains are divided by proteins ranging from poultry (a cheese-stuffed/ pastrami-wrapped Airline Chicken Breast), to pork (North African-spiced St. Louis-cut Pig Ribs), to seafood (Fried Local Oysters w/ tart red cherry reduction & tartar sauce), to beef options like Roxy’s Famous Hot Pastrami w/ housemade sauerkraut on a fresh caraway roll, but not a Nick Carraway role, as that’s already been taken by Sam Waterston in 1974. They also do bar eats including the Jalapeno “Proper” (corn cakes topped w/ roasted sweet pepper & a Jalapeno/ bacon/ cheese blend), and a potato/ pastrami/ sauerkraut/ Swiss cheese Reuben Pie, which is 3.14 times as big as the Aiken Pie.

462 N 36th St; Fremont; 206.362.7322

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