The Wallet Thief is my first short film and was a project for a class at the Seattle Film Institute. This was my first time shooting on film and using Final Cut Pro. The main characters are played by Robbie Rech and Penjor Ngudup and was shot in Bothell, WA. Thanks to the Lyon’s Den coffee shop for letting us shoot there.

The assignment was to show someone encountering an obstacle on the way to work. The story is based on an urban legend. Originally I wanted to have the story feature a jogger, which was the subject of the urban legend, but I adapted it to fit the assignment instead.

It was shot on Super 8 mm film using a vintage Canon camera, transfered to digital video and edited in Final Cut Pro. Editing took about 8 hours – much of which was spent learning Final Cut settings and trying to correct some poorly exposed film.

More info on The Wallet Thief – Silent Short Film

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