Thank you so much for watching my shortfilm, The Lost Meal.

A man wakes up abruptly in a forest, finding food to survive, and unwillingly eats what ever he can. He finds a special meal for him, and begins to dig in for the Lost Meal.

Filmed April 21st 2018 from 1pm to 4pm. (Very limited time as I realized the film festival submit date was 3 days after I filmed this)

Edited from April 21st to April 23rd 2018. Took aproximately 14 hours to edit.

Filmed in Seattle, WA (disclosed location)

Written, Edited, Cinematography, Directed by Ryan Mintz
Actors: Robert Mintz

This film is rated PG for parental guidance. There is some depressing moments, be warned.

More info on The Lost Meal – a short film by Ryan Mintz

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