Mayor Jenny Durkan and the City Council are clashing over issues ranging from police reform to spending priorities for sweetened beverage tax revenue. Theres a new effort to help hotel workers, and a historic milestone achieved for the Showbox Theater. Plus, a grand entry to start Seattles Seafair celebration, and multiple free outdoor music options, all here on Seattle News NOW!

New Police Contract?

Click to access Council-Letter-to-Mayor-Re-Consent-Decree.pdf

Hotel Workers’ Bill

Showbox Update

Click to access LPBCurrentNom_Showbox_Johnson_Partnership.pdf

Beverage Tax Showdown

Click to access 1-5-B-1-2019.pdf

Seafair Indian Days Powwow

Concerts at the Mural

Music Under the Stars

More info on The latest news from City Hall on Seattle News Now (7/19/2019)

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