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Seattle is way more than flannel – the fashion scene here is fueling new movements in everything from high end design to sneaker culture. In this episode, we start at Fremont boutique Pipe and Row for a performance by Maszer, whose singer not only models but designs their merchandise. Next is a performance by hip hop artist Ryan Caraveo inside Seattle’s Do The Extraordinary clothing store. Along the way, we pay a visit to the Sneaker Warz Unity Expo and fashion collaborative Prairie Underground.

“Sounds by the Sound” airs on REVOLT TV Mondays at 8 PM EST and 5 PM PST, or watch it online anytime at http://www.visitseattle.tv.

“Sounds by the Sound” is a weekly half-hour show exploring Seattle’s legendary music scene filmed in some of the city’s most unique and scenic locations. With live music performances, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at noteworthy destinations and attractions – “Sounds by the Sound” is a travel guide to the sights and sounds of Seattle.

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Maszer: http://www.maszer.com/
Ryan Caraveo: http://www.ryancaraveo.com/

Pipe and Row: http://www.pipeandrow.com/
Do The Extraordinary: http://www.dotheextraordinary.com/
Sneaker Warz: http://sneakerwarz.net/
Prairie Underground: http://www.prairieunderground.com/

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