Temple Of The Dog – November 21, 2016 – Paramount Theater – Seattle, Wa – 30 Min (3rd Row!)

1. Call Me A Dog – 11/21 – 3rd Row
2. Seasons – 11/21 – 3rd Row
3. Hunger Strike – 11/21 – 3rd Row
4. River Of Deceit – 11/21 – 3rd Row
5. Hey Baby – 11/20* – 3rd Row
6. War Pigs – 11/21 – Front Row

As there has not been any audio that has come out from the final show of this tour, and very little quality video, I have compiled these individual close up clips to document what was an epic performance. I included the Hey Baby from Night 1 that I filmed as it was an amazing performance and a similar perspective.

Thanks to the those who took a song or two off from focusing on the show to let us relive it, or experience it for the first time!

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