Tecnam P2006T FSX G1000…. Engine OUT over Seattle, WA

Clover Park Technical College’s new Tecnam p2006T flying in FSX.

Wilco FSX model of the Tecnam P2006T with a new Virtual Cockpit modeled after CPTC actual p2006T. Using Mindstar G1000 software to replicate the actual Tecnam G950 display. It can also function with the standard FSX G1000.

I work as a MEI at CPTC and we have seen the g1000 transition as the biggest obstacle to flying the P2006T. Overall, the real world Tecnam has been extremely easy, fun, and affordable to fly.

CPTC is in no way associated with the Virtual Cockpit or my posting of this video. I plan on making a few more videos demoing the Mindstar functionality, as well as a complete demo of all the animations. #CPTC ~
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