I explain the social phenomenon that is Seattle, WA; endearingly refered to by locals as “the seattle freeze”.
Original song by Carly Meyers-Martin.

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  • Seattle Freeze - Wikipedia

    The term Seattle Freeze refers to a widely held belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends in the city of Seattle, Washington, particularly for transplants from other cities. A 2005 Seattle Times article appears to be the first known use of the term, though a 1946 Seattle Daily Times excerpt also describes the phenomenon.

  • The Seattle Freeze: Why Making Friends in Seattle is So ...

    The Freeze existed as soon as people even cared about Seattle. The Seattle of today is a different city from the Seattle of four months past and from the Seattle of four years past. In 2014 we were an Ecotopia upon a hill, leading the nation with a brand-new $15-an-hour minimum wage, the first voter-approved marriage equality bill,...

  • Urban Dictionary: Seattle Freeze

    The Seattle Freeze is a social phenomenon in the Puget Sound area. Basically, it means people will disregard ordinances , laws or public statutes and in general be a ass and sneer at others in public -- or give them the cold shoulder .

  • How I Learned to Love the Seattle Freeze - Thrillist

    The Seattle Freeze is a complicated subject, and one that brings up a cascade of emotions from new residents and diehard Seattleites alike. The idea behind the term is that newcomers to the city often experience difficulty making friends and maintaining relationships because of a general lack of interest from others.

  • What is the Seattle Freeze? - TripSavvy

    The Seattle Freeze is an elusive concept that hovers over Seattle’s social scenes of all sorts—it’s the belief or perception that Seattle is not an exceptionally friendly place. More specifically, the Seattle Freeze is linked to Seattle’s openness to those who move to the city and speaks to the belief that Seattle natives freeze transplants out.

  • Seattle freeze debate: Data shows people aren't too friendly

    Seattle freeze history As Banel explains , the Seattle freeze is an attitude woven into the region’s history — even if people weren’t calling it that until more recently.

  • Newcomers talk about the ‘Seattle Freeze’ and how to ...

    The Seattle Freeze can be a hurdle for people seeking pals to go out with. “It’s especially obvious to me because I moved from a Southern state where opening up to strangers is commonplace,” Kate McElroy wrote. She moved to Seattle from Kentucky in 2016. “In Seattle, it’s harder to get to know people.

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