Smart Lipo, Dermal Filler, Photo-Rejuvenation, Fraxel (Facial Rejuvenation) Demo, Seattle, WA

Smart Lipo, Dermal Filler, Photo-Rejuvenation, Fraxel (Facial Rejuvenation) Demo, Seattle, WA Smart Lipo Live Demo
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Dr. Craig Jonov, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery Lynnwood, WA – Seattle area

Craig R. Jonov, MD, DMD shares a live Facial Rejuvenation Treatment (The Wow Package) at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Lynnwood, WA. This is often considered a nonsurgical facelift. Procedure includes IPL (Intense pulsed light), dermal fillers, fraxel, lip smart lipo, and sometimes Ulthera (or Ultherapy). Recovery for a facial rejuvenation or nonsurgical face lift is 3-5 days.

Video transcript:
Dr. Jonov: Hello. Hi. I’m Dr. Craig Jonov from Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery located here in Lynnwood, Washington just north of Seattle. We are here to do some procedures on facial rejuvenation basically concentrating on non-surgical ways to facially rejuvenate an individual. Today, the first procedure we have Katie, who is our aesthetician. She’s going to be doing IPL which is short for intense-pulsed light or a photofacial in which light energy is used to treat areas of the skin and what it does is helps soften some of the effects of aging. Some of the effects of aging in environmental in nature of the skin that causes little capillaries to come to the surface, maybe some sun spots, some pigmentation areas and irregularities. The whole idea is that the energy is superficially placed across the tissue and it’s absorbed from the areas that are the object which is in the red capillaries or the melanin pigment. It allows it to be disrupted and then the body’s natural healing process allows that to be discarded and allows for a smoother, cleaner facial appearance.
Filler injections. We want to replace the volume over some of the areas that have kind of shown some areas of deflation and descent. We are going to put in a local anesthetic just to make the area numb. This is going to be the site where we place our micro cannulas to help augment those areas of deflation. You’ll feel a little pinch. Are you doing okay?
Female: Yeah.
Dr. Craig: Good. We’re going to do this in preparation. When we use the cannula versus a needle, the cannula is similar to a needle except it is no longer sharp edged and it’s flexible. It reduces bruising anywhere between 70 and 100% and it actually makes it less painful. It makes it a little bit more comfortable. The other important part of it too is even the movement of it through the tissues actually creates some stimulation in the dermis to get some repair and filling action that we’re trying to incorporate.
In women’s eyes, the brow tends to want to be a little bit of an elevation or a curve with the lateral aspect of where we see the colored portion of our eye. Here, we can see we’ve kind of elevated this and increased this area where the tissue has been filled. We turn this way, we can already see that the elevation of the brow has been obtained just in that little bit of filler. The amount of filler that we used is very small amount. You can see this area has been softened along the bridge where this is here and you can see there’s a better definition and filling of this area along the side with some elevation of the brow just in that little bit that we did.
Now, we’re going to move towards the lower or the mid face area where we’re going to begin to inject to fill some of the areas around the lower orbit and the lateral aspect to build some of what we call bizygomatic width. We want to raise where that cheek should be at a higher elevated position and how that’s supported so then it gives more youthful contours. So, you’re going to see we evened out the whole areas of the cheeks, to the folds, pre-jowl, jaw line. So, now what we’re going to do is we’re going to get ready to do a little bit of subdermal heating with a Cynosure Smartlipo TriPlex unit that allows us to use two different forms of heat to heat the tissues, undermine, and contract the tissues. We’re going to kind of get started with that.
Female: Hold the lines. Forty five.
Dr. Jonov: Are you okay?
Female: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Dr. Jonov: We can see already it’s kind of helping redefine this lower jaw line just by the initial heating and subtraction of that area in heating and dissolving some of that fat.
Our next step is we’re going to a Fraxel repair by Solta Medical in which the fractionated CO2 laser is going to allow for complete resurfacing of the epithelium and stimulating the dermis so it’s regenerated by improving the skin texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles, and also getting some of those deeper pigmentation changes that the IPL was unable to get. What she may feel during this procedure is little heat and that’s why we added topical to begin with and gave her some of the local anesthetic from the underlying filler substances trying to make this a little more comfortable for her.

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