Then and Now filming locations in 1965 Seattle, from the movie The Slender Thread. Subscribe and click the bell, to know when new Then & Now Reshoot videos are up.
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Filming Locations shown:
0:03 Pacific Science Center (Seattle Center)
1:01 University of Washington (UW)
1:45 15th Ave W & W Nickerson St (Ballard)
1:55 501 Melrose Ave
2:32 4th Ave & Battery St (Belltown)
2:36 35th NW & NW 79th St (Ballard)
3:50 Golden Gardens Park

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Copyright Disclaimers

New footage was created by this channel’s operator Jesse Nickell. When using parts of this video, please link to this video and/or channel.

This video is of educational / historical significance, and therefore footage from “The Slender Thread” is considered Fair Use.
1. The original footage that’s used is included to create a historical contrast been 1965 and 2018, in the locations noted.
2. The original footage is from the much larger work, “The Slender Thread”, available for purchase:
3. The original footage is used sparingly. Only edited-for-length scenes in notable locations, are shown.
4. Any interest in the entire movie is preserved (and possibly heightened).

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