Seattle dancers come together to create art for art’s sake in this colorful and vibrant short dance film.

Choreography//Costuming//Casting//Concept: ANNA MATUSZEWSKI

Shout outs:
HOLDEN MAPLES our on-duty Park Ranger
JAKE LOHNER the “gorilla wrangler” in the two piece flora
Our actual seeds dressing up in those super hot gorilla suits and not whining too much.
MIRANDA ROACH for always being prepared and knowing the art of “making it work”
TYREN “PRIMO” REYES for having a whistle in his fanny pack.
The super kool PG BRATZ and their dance moms! For giving your kids the gift of expression.

Performed by:
Anna Matuszewski
Anyango Arunga
Antony Ahmed
Austin Mailoto
Allie Roach
Bianca Jean Kapeliela
Caden Henson
Dasia Sadorra
Dequira Parker
Elahna Ayson
Fayth Harris
Holden Maples
Jake Lohner
Jacob Roach
Kayla Agag
Kendall Edwards
Kianna Lewis
Matthew Roach
Meka Vincini
Phillysha Cottrell
Sarah Stanger
Tyren “Primo” Rayes
Wendy Luu
Will Wiersma

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