The legacy of redlining has cast a long shadow on how Seattle has developed and continues to evolve. Beginning in the 1930s, racial discrimination in mortgage lending “redlined” areas on government maps. Boundaries were drawn using various types of criteria to assess risk, including race. The practice kept people of color out of neighborhoods in hundreds of cities across the country, including Seattle.⁠ Filmed at the Northwest African American Museum, a panel discusses the relationship between gentrification and this history, and the complex dynamics playing out in Seattle’s neighborhoods today.

Co-presented by Northwest African American Museum (NAAM), Pratt Fine Arts Center, Wing Luke Museum and Seattle Channel.

Leilani Lewis, Assistant Director for Diversity, Communications and Outreach at the University of Washington
Xochitl Maykovich, Political Director at Washington CAN
Warren Pope, Artist
Jake Prendez, Artist and Gallery Owner
Steven Sawada, Author and Activist

More info on Seattle On The Line: Examining the History & Contemporary Impact of Redlining

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