Seattle Momentum for Referendum 74

At the beginning of 2012, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law Marriage Equality for the state of Washington. The far right launched a campaign to prevent that from happening and managed to get Referendum 74 on the ballot. Washington residents have banded together, alongside federal officials, entertainers, and social activists to ensure that liberty, equality and justice ring clear and soundly in the state of Washington.

Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) would like to thank:
The White House
The Obama Administration
ABC News
NBC News
The City of Seattle
The State of Washington
Think Progress
Rep. Maureen Walsh
Gov. Christine Gregoire
State Senator Ed Murray
Rep. Jamie Pedersen
George Bakan
Marsha Botzer

Video Shot & Edited by: Dru Dinero

Photo Archive: Nate Gowdy

A Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) production in collaboration with Visual Affairs

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