Seattle cake social eating show with Bakery Nouveau! (Phoenix cake!)

Welcome to a Seattle cake social eating show with Bakery Nouveau, a Seattle institution for cake and pastries! Today we’re taking on some of Bakery Nouveau’s classics: cheesecake (with strawberry glaze), chocolate layer cake, and their award-winning phoenix cake!

And today’s topics: spoilers about upcoming videos, how I plan mukbangs, how to taste cake/desserts, and cake existentialism. The things that happen when you film a mukbang while sick? Join me for this fever dream of a cake mukbang!

P.S. I have no clue why my camera decided to be so awful. I didn’t mention it here but my camera got hit by a passerby (while I was filming no less) during the last video and I’m worried it got damaged more than I thought. I’m hoping it was just a lighting issue, but thank you for all your awesomeness!

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