School Psychology Jobs in Seattle WA

School Psychology Jobs in Seattle WA

School Psychologist Job Description
Daily Duties for School Psychologists:

Supporting students’ social, emotional, mental, and behavioral health.
Providing individual or group counseling to students struggling with barriers.
Increasing achievement by determining the best instructional strategies for learning.
School District Setting
Identifying and addressing problems that interfere with academic or career success.
School Psychology Job Contract Details For Seattle Washington
Start ASAP or Aug 2019/2020
8 – 46 week School Contract
School Psychologist Jobs in Seattle Washington
School Setting – K-12
37.5 to 40 Hours per week
Full Benefits, 401k, Meal and Housing Stipends, Travel, Lic Reimbursement
Location: Seattle WA and other openings within 2 hrs of Seattle Washington

Conducting interviews now Monday and Thursday

We have many more openings in Washington and other states.
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School Psychology Jobs in Seattle WA

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