Scenes from All Tech is Human: Seattle 2019

Scenes from All Tech Is Human: Seattle, held on May 18, 2019. Sponsored by the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network and hosted by Artefact.

All Tech Is Human: Seattle is a smorgasbord of ethics, emerging tech, and unintended consequences. A diverse group of technologists, academics, designers, organizational leaders, students, policymakers, and other interested parties come together to tackle thorny societal tech issues. It is multidisciplinary and collaborative, shining a light on blind spots and injecting more thoughtfulness in how we create and implement new technologies.

All Tech Is Human brings together a broad, inclusive, and multidisciplinary group of people to tackle thorny social tech problem and help co-create a more thoughtful future towards technology. We have a tech problem. We need a societal solution. We don’t just need to change the technology, we need to change the process of how technology is developed and deployed.

#AllTechIsHuman #EthicalTechSummit

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