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Sawyer Fredericks performs Stone at The Crocodile in Seattle WA on Aug 11, 2018.
Sawyer was in Seattle on his 2018 North American Hide Your Ghost Tour. Sawyer is touring with his Band; Art Fredericks, Bass Guitar, Chris Thomas, Drums and Jerome Goosman, Guitar and Harmonies.
Sawyer performed this cover of What a Wonderful World as an encore at the conclusion of his Set.
Sawyer’s newest LP, Hide Your Ghost, was written and
produced independently by Sawyer. Sawyer recorded Hide Your Ghost analog to digital at Dreamland studios in Woodstock NY.
*Hide Your Ghost Tour Info and Sawyer News: http://www.sawyerfredericks.com
*Bands in Town Link: http://www.bandsintown.com/SawyerFredericks
Buy Hide Your Ghost CD at: https://www.districtlines.com/114441-Hide-Your-Ghost-CD/Sawyer-Fredericks
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To learn more about this show go to: https://www.sawyerfredericks.com/posts/09-11-18/sawyer-crocodile-seattle-wa

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