Barista by day, superhero by night, special agent Gina Asplund faces down the greatest threat to American security that we have ever faced—our own government.

This short film was entered into the 2013 Seattle 48 Hour Film project

It was written, filmed, and edited in 48 hours by the Logos Bible Software video team, DSGNHAVN FILMS.

Producer: Josh Burdick
Written & Directed by: Reuben Evans (Twitter: @reuben_evans Site:
Director of Photography: Joshua Thomas Gray
Edited by: Caleb Ralston, Reuben Evans
VFX: Brian Garcia
Makeup: Molly Heiser

Tara Baker, Josh Burdick, and Ray Deck III

Each 48 film project has common required elements for all the films. Then each film gets assigned a specific genre:

Seattle 2013 Required Elements:
Character : Gino or Gina Asplund, Barista
Prop: Cheese
Line: “There must be something in your ear.”
Assigned genre: Superhero

Filmed on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Edited in Final Cut Pro X
DaVinci Resolve
After Effects

More info on PRISM | 48 Hour Film Project Seattle 2013

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