PIKE PLACE MARKET.. SEATTLE!!🐟 What to do: Food Tour, Gum Wall, Pier 57 | Digital Nomad Travel Vlog

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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. We’re visiting home for July per usual!

Pike Place Market is a popular tourist destination in Seattle, famous for the fresh fish and some of the best seafood around, lots of food and restaurants, food shopping, and of course tourists.

We hit the famous fish throwing market for some fresh sashimi, the gum wall for some Instagram pics, and the Pier for a drone view of the famous Seattle ferris wheel. Get some chowder at Elliot’s Oyster House or Ivars while you’re at it, and hop on the Argosy for a boat tour of the Puget Sound, and if you’re really lucky, see some Orca whales!

If you really wanna see orcas tho, head up to the San Juan Islands for a few days, only a few hours north!


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