Pike Place Market Restaurants

Not only is the food at the market delicious, but so is the energy. The sidewalks are frequently so congested that people spill onto the cobblestone streets. On the corners, you’ll hear musicians playing and vendors shouting to each other as they offload their goods for sale. The market is without a doubt one of my favorite places to visit in Seattle, and this post is our comprehensive guide to Pike Place Market Restaurants.

French Restaurants in Pike Place Market

Le Pichet

This restaurant gets its name from the fact that you can order your wine by the pitcher here. It’s more of a couple’s dining environment and this is reflected in the menu, with options like their signature roast chicken that is intended for two. They open early for breakfast as well.

Le Pichet Restaurant Reviews

Place Pigalle R&B

You’ll get the classic French dining experience at this hidden gem in the market. From the checkered tile floor to the flowing white linens and attentive staff, the menu is based off of fresh local ingredients. It’s also one of the more expensive options at the market, averaging over $45 per meal, but it is a culinary investment well worth making.

Place Pigalle Restaurant Reviews

Maximilien Restaurant

It’s the best foie gras in all of Seattle. It’s also one of the few places where you can be served authentic escargots. Endulge yourself with the table serving of caviar and then opt for the steak tartare. The local seafood is always wonderful and you can pair any meal with a classic French wine.

Maximilien Restaurant Reviews

The Can Can

If you love the Moulin Rouge, then you’ll love this little place. It’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so plan accordingly. The menu is a bit limited, but you can get a filet mignon for just $28 and pair it with local calamaria, halibut, or scallops.

The Can Can Restaurant Reviews

Le Panier

If you missed breakfast in your hurry to the market or you just want a quick snack, then this French bakery is the perfect stop. You can also grab freshly baked bread for your own home-cooked meal if you prefer. It’s very popular with the locals, so get in line early to avoid the long lines that form every day.

Le Panier Restaurant Reviews

American Restaurants in Pike Place Market

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

This is a small and crowded eating bar that will literally change the way you see cheese. They really do make their artisan cheese by hand, which means their mac & cheese is out of this world. Save room for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Restaurant Reviews

Steelhead Diner

It’s marketed as a place to rest in the market, but as busy as this diner gets, there is no rest. It’s unique in the Pike Place market restaurants because of its open kitchen and the menu features comfort food. Skip the fish and chips and go with the olive crusted halibut with asparagus to give the tastebuds something you won’t find anywhere else.

Steelhead Diner Restaurant Reviews

Uli’s Famous Sausage

You’ll find Uli’s on the main aisles just off the street and you can choose to dine-in or take his sausage home. Put those sausages, which range from lamb to beef to pork, into a sandwich and have a beer to get off your feet for awhile. Uli’s is more affordable than some of the kiosk vendors in the market, so it’s worth a stop.

Uli’s Famous Sausage Restaurant Reviews

Market Grill

This is where you’ll find the perfect salmon sandwich. It’s a small counter, a smaller kitchen, and an even smaller dining room, but the best clam chowder you’ll find outside of Ivar’s in town. On a nice day, take the time to eat out on the patio with some live music and you’ll have an amazing experienced.

Market Grill Restaurant Reviews

Lowell’s Restaurant

You’re almost guaranteed to get a view of the Bainbridge Island and Bremerton ferries with three floors of window seating. Stop for breakfast to get the house cured lox with onions and capers on a toasted bagel – it’s the best breakfast you’ll have in Seattle. For dinner, grab a Flagship salad with cheese made right at the market and then get the mixed seafood grill, which gives you a crab cake, a king salmon fillet, and tiger prawns.

Lowell’s Restaurant Reviews

Jack’s Fish Spot

It’s more of a market than a restaurant, but don’t let that send you in a different direction. Garlic fries are an institution in Seattle and Jack’s makes the best. Match them up with fresh fish and chips fried as you wait and you won’t move until you’re done eating. Oysters and shrimp are incredible options as well.

Jack’s Fish Spot Restaurant Reviews

Pike Place Bar & Grill

If you want a couple beers, some fries, and unlimited Belgian waffles, then you’re going to love this place. Happy Hour at the market is best enjoyed here.

Pike Place Bar & Grill Reviews

Virginia Inn

This restaurant sits just outside of the market and features a farm-to-table menu from all over the Pacific Northwest. Grab a Take Out order and then stroll around the historic district in the afternoon or grab a spot in one of the many Seattle Stairs public areas to enjoy the salty air.

Virginia Inn Restaurant Reviews

Seafood Restaurants in Pike Place Market

Pike Place Chowder

Ironically enough, it isn’t the chowder you should be ordering at this restaurant, though it is really good. If it is Dungeness season, order the crab roll. It’s Seattle’s version of the classic lobster roll and you’ll likely want 2 or 3. Out of season, however, the crab roll isn’t as tasty, so opt for the chowder instead.

Pike Place Chowder Restaurant Reviews

Matt’s in the Market

Located on the 3rd floor of the market, this restaurant gives you the classic seafood dining experience. Have a catfish sandwich if you’re in a hurry or grab one of their fresh seasonal specials. Pair your meal up with a local Washington wine or one of your favorites for an incredible experience.

Matt’s in the Market Restaurant Reviews

Cutter’s Crabhouse

This place is packed thanks to its fair pricing and fresh seafood, so be prepared for a wait. The menu encompasses all preferences, however, so you’ll be able to grab a meal that you prefer.

Cutter’s Crabhouse Restaurant Reviews

Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar

This throwback restaurant takes diners back to the shacks that would line the oyster fields around Puget Sound. You go here for the fish and chips and a local beer, but the service can be hit or miss. You won’t find better oysters anywhere downtown unless you purchase them from the harvesters either.

Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar Reviews

Italian Restaurants in Pike Place Market

Lo Priore

This restaurant is the place for pizza in the market. The pasta is also authentic and full of flavor, but sometimes you’ll find the chef has cut the pasta down to help it cook faster during the busy times, making it impossible to twirl around a fork. An 18” pepperoni pizza will cost you $16.99 or you can create your own with a full suite of toppings options.

Lo Priore Restaurant Reviews

The Pink Door

One word for you: lasagna. Get there early to get some because it sells out every day. You can sit on the terrace on a nice day or enjoy the burlesque atmosphere in the dining room. The rest of the menu is classic Italian and it’s done right, so you can’t go wrong with this perennial favorite of Seattle.

The Pink Door Restaurant Reviews

Il Bistro

Make a reservation and you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you order the gnocchi and the carpaccio. The only seafood option on the dinner menu is Alaskan halibut, which is highlighted with a pea and leek risotto which you will savor.

Il Bistro Restaurant Reviews

Asian Restaurants in Pike Place Market

Japanese Gourmet

You’ll have to search for this beautiful restaurant, located by Post Alley, but it’s worth the effort. The bento boxes are a favorite with local professionals for lunch. If you have time to sit down, be sure to order the Pink Volcano sushi roll in addition to your favorites.

Japanese Gourmet Restaurant Reviews

Genghis Khan

If you have a craving for casual Chinese cuisine while shopping at the market, then this is one of the best places in the area to choose. If you order about 45 minutes in advance, you can even have your meal waiting for you when you step in. An online ordering system lets you place the order from your phone while you’re in the market if you want. The seaweed salad, paired with their baked mussels and hot and sour soup, makes an excellent meals.

Genghis Khan Restaurant Reviews

British Restaurants in Pike Place Market

Crumpet Shop

This restaurant actually closes any time the temperatures rise above 85F, which in July and August means it is often closed. Otherwise the organic crumpets, paired with salmon lox and tomato with a little pesto are a lesser known treat the market has to offer.

Crumpet Shop Restaurant Reviews


This traditional Irish pub allows you to reserve a table, which is usually necessary if you want to sit down and eat something. You won’t find a better steak and kidney pie in Seattle.

Kells Irish Restaurant Reviews

Vegetarian Restaurants in Pike Place Market


This restaurant is what you’d get if you rolled all of Seattle into one little place. The goat cheese and spinach omelet is incredible, but spring for the Salmon Benedict for the real specialty of the house.

Bacco Restaurant Reviews

Mexican and Latin Restaurants in Pike Place Market


There are good days and bad days at this restaurant. The menu is Basque in nature, which is unique in Seattle, but cocktails and a salad are about what you’ll want to stick to here at the moment.

Copacabana Restaurant Reviews

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