Personal Training – Seattle, WA

Why choose MoveMend for personal training?

We have the highest qualifications in the business (see our “About” page), we follow the scientific research on fitness and training and stay away from risky fads, and we work with elite competetive athletes, 80 year olds who have never exercised, and everyone in between.

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What happens after I call to sign-up?
We schedule the first session where we perform the following:
– Extensive review of medical / injury history
– Functional Movement Screen to assess strength and stability during movement
– Flexibility testing
– Measure height, weight, body composition, resting heart rate, and blood pressure
– Strength testing of upper and lower body muscle groups
– Goal setting with timeline and scheduled reassessment

What are the training sessions like?
Fun and challenging. Our sessions are tailored specifically for each client and no two exercise sessions the same. We begin with the foundation of stability and flexibility then progress to building strength and power.

Some of our tools include:
– TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer
– Medicine Balls and Free Weights
– Exercise Bands
– Cable Machine
– BOSU and Exercise Balls
– Weighted Body Bars
– Stationary Bike
– Trigger Point Tools

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