HEY! Only 7 months late but this was one of the most special trips I have been on and it was always intimidating trying to edit such beautiful clips into a video without ruining the integrity. I hope you all LOVE this, it is very close to my heart! x

Songs I used:
Queen of Boredness (Diesler Mix) Kinny & Horne
Poolside- Harvest Moon
San Luis- Gregory Alan Isakov
Think Like I Do- Jye (ft. Felivant)
Clair de Lune- Suite Bergamasque
Beauty- The Shivers
Most songs are in my “Oregon” playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/k3560hbr6i433udsjyy8a5xp5/playlist/7b24uQL8JEZjINbMp9i6Tk?si=ixT_iPLvSTaZUln4NYBWCg

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Age: 20 (when this video is being posted)
School: Syracuse University
Height: Almost 5’9″!

This video is not sponsored!

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