Pacific Northwest: Our Road Trip as we Travel to the Pacific Northwest #PNW!!!

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Pacific Northwest: Our Road Trip travel to the Pacific Northwest #PNW

Follow our Road trip Traveling to the Pacific Northwest as we go up for our annual summer vacation where we live off the grid on our 5 acre parcel of land on the Olympic Peninsula.

We drive from Texas to the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest every summer to live in our little tiny off the grid cabin for 2-3 months. We started with a 5 acre parcel of land and through the years, with tons of help from friends, we have put developed it into our perfect Pacific Northwest Vacation spot. While in the #PNW we try to have as many adventures as we can many of which include working on our property to make it more comfortable for years to come. This year we are staying in “Donkey’s Den”, the first of the micro cabins Living in a tiny house has its own set of challenges, as does dealing with solar systems, water and many other things that come with living off grid. This video takes you thorough packing day, all the way to “camp” as we fondly refer to our property. We hope you’ll enjoy and subscribe so that you can follow our adventures all summer long.

If you’re interested in more off the grid living, check out this couple that is sooo much more hard core than us!!

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