Pacific Northwest Adventure | 2018 Tour with Magellan Motorcycle Tours

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The Pacific Northwest tour loop from Portland sees you crossing mountain ranges, riding deep gorges and visiting some of the finest natural scenery and National Parks in America on your choice of rented motorcycle. We trace the steps of the Lewis and Clarke Corps of Discovery Expedition and learn how they traversed these natural landscapes more than 200 years ago to shape America as it is known today. You’ll ride from the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest across the plains of Eastern Oregon, over the mountains of Idaho and into Montana. Explore Yellowstone national park, cross the Rockies not once but twice, ride to the head waters of the Missouri River and motor across the open plains of Big Sky Country. As you loop back northwards the tour culminates by riding the epic North Cascade mountain range and then down past Mount St Helens and Mount Rainier before finishing back in Portland Oregon.

Each night you stay in style with your small group in great hotels and local lodges and you are looked after the whole way by a Magellan guide as well as a support vehicle and driver. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no additional costs for bike choice and we included the highest levels of insurance for the duration of the tour as part of the trip cost.

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