Northwest Florida Travel | Van Life Travel | Season 1 Ep. 9

We went from the East coast of Florida and now we are on the West coast. There are so many things to do in this area that we certainly can’t do them all before we leave.

Caspersen Beach is known as sharks tooth beach due to the immense amount of sharks teeth that you can find there. It is free to come here and free to park, just get here early on the weekends because parking is hard to come by during this time.

Boca Grande is such a beautiful spot to be. It costs .00 to get over the bridge but it is worth it. When we went it was very windy and choppy so the water wasn’t as pretty as it normally is but take our word, the water is GORGEOUS. You can find so many sand dollars and cool shells here.

The mangroves were amazing as well. It is so cool what nature can create. Taking a buddy is recommended so you don’t get lost. Everything looks the same out there so make sure you know your way out.

Paddle boards are very similar to a surf board without all of the waves and you get to use a paddle. Just make sure you have good balance on it before you take off.
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