Info and setlist below
03/19/88 – Community World Theater, Tacoma, WA, US
SBD #1 – Quality: 9.5

– The band played under the name Nirvana for the first time.
– Dave Foster played drums.
– Concert flyer drawn by Kurt.
– The band most likely played “Beeswax” during the soundcheck, since Kurt can be heard playing the opening notes before the circulating recording cuts out.
– Includes “Floyd The Barber,” which cuts in and out, and “Big Cheese” from the soundcheck.
– “Love Buzz” and “Erectum” cut in, and “Blew” cuts out.

Remastering Notes
– Many channel dropouts repaired
– Re-equalized
– Compression/Limiting

0:00 Floyd The Barber (Soundheck)
0:12 Big Cheese (Soundcheck)
4:04 Love Buzz
6:56 Downer
9:03 Floyd The Barber
11:47 Spank Thru
16:06 Paper Cuts
20:28 Hairspray Queen
25:24 If You Must
29:31 Beeswax
32:47 Aero Zeppelin
37:11 Mexican Seafood
39:37 Pen Cap Chew
43:54 Big Cheese (First Live Performance)
48:08 Blew (First Live Performance)
51:23 Erectum/Moby Dick jam
55:57 Bad Moon Rising

Transferred by Mike Ziegler.
Remastered by JWB.

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