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First video in a series playing along to a complete 1975 show. This is the mammoth Seattle Center Coliseum show from March 21 1975. The soundboard recording of this show became available fairly recently. It features some of the longest ever performances of No Quarter and Dazed and Confused, and is one of their longest ever performances.

My intention here is just to demonstrate playing along in the moment and improvising, not necessarily trying to learn all the songs note for note. I am recording these in rapid succession, several songs in each day, just for fun. With that in mind, there may be some “looseness” about these videos, and there may be glitches and an occasional blunder too. But, that is part of the fun of playing along…its not meant to be clinically perfect.

One of the challenges of playing along with these live shows is the tempos can be pretty elastic and sometimes the lads get off from each other, or it can be hard to hear exactly what’s going on while thrashing away. Hope you all enjoy the series!

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