My Trek Across Washington State

Recorded June 14-17, 2019

On day #22 of my five week road trip I begin my three day drive across the state of Washington. This video includes…

0:00:10 Drive across Lewis and Clark Bridge into Longview, Washington
0:01:44 Breakfast stop in Castle Rock, Washington
0:03:15 Foggy drive on Highway 504 to Mount St. Helens
0:07:43 Johnston Ridge Observatory
0:09:40 Olympia, Washington
0:11:14 Washington State Capitol
0:15:43 North bound on Interstate 5 to Tacoma
0:19:02 Holiday Inn Express Tacoma
0:23:42 Saturday morning drive to Snoqualmie
0:27:03 Snoqualmie Falls Park
0:31:57 Downtown Snoqualmie, Washington
0:32:29 North Bend, Washington
0:33:56 East bound on Interstate 90
0:38:48 Vantage, Washington
0:39:52 Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park (Columbia River)
0:44:28 East bound Interstate 90
0:48:49 Wild Horses Monument & Scenic Viewpoint (Columbia River)
0:54:59 Moses Lake, Washington
0:57:41 Holiday Inn Express Moses Lake
1:03:19 East bound on Interstate 90 (early Sunday morning)
1:05:15 South bound on Highway 261
1:11:56 Palouse Falls State Park
1:20:56 Lyons Ferry State Park
1:26:04 South bound on Highway 261
1:29:53 Dayton, Washington
1:31:01 Long, Washington
1:31:19 Walla Walla, Washington
1:33:20 Holiday Inn Express Walla Walla
1:39:31 Leave Walla Walla on Monday morning
1:43:39 Oregon state line
1:44:38 Mission, Oregon
1:45:52 Southeast bound on Interstate 84
1:49:09 Upper Perry Arch Bridge
1:54:37 Baker City, Oregon (lunch break)
1:56:44 Southeast bound on Interstate 84 into Idaho

I have been to Washington many times before and this visit did not included many of the state’s most famous attractions. Check out some of my earlier videos below…
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