hey y’all, sorry this is a month late and that i haven’t posted in 3 months lol but come along on this amazing trip with me! literally already can’t wait to go back, i miss emily 🙁

~ last video ~

~ S O C I A L M E D I A ~

✧ instagram – https://www.instagram.com/_huntieee/
✧ snapchat – @huntieee1
✧ apple music – @huntieee1
✧ pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/huntieee1/
✧ twitter- https://twitter.com/huntieee1

~ questions ~

✧ age: 18
✧ camera: cannon g7x and iPhone X
✧ editing software: final cut pro

thanks for watching, see you in the next one 😉

More info on my first time in SEATTLE! (travel vlog)

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