Then and Now filming locations in 1973 Seattle, from the movie McQ.

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Filming Locations shown:
0:03 Alaskan Way & Marion St
0:45 Alaskan Way & Columbia St
1:15 Harbor Steps (Western Ave & University St)
1:35 Harbor Steps (Post Alley & University St)
1:53 1st Ave & Spring St
2:23 The J&M Cafe (1st Ave S & S Washington St)
3:22 Inside Smith Tower
3:28 4th Ave & Cherry St
3:45 Yesler Way & 6th Ave
4:03 Pacific Tower (entrance on 12th Ave S )
5:03 I-5 & S Dearborn St
5:27 7th Ave S & S Jackson St
5:37 Airport Way S & S Lander St
5:41 Terry Ave & Harrison St
5:57 Fremont Tugboat Co Inc (1059 N Northlake Way)
5:09 16th Ave & E Madison St
6:40 Harbor View Medical Center (entrance on 8th Ave & Alder St)
6:46 Harbor View Medical Center (entrance on 9th Ave & Alder St)

7:08 Pacific Ave & 2nd St

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Copyright Disclaimers

New footage was created by this channel’s operator Jesse Nickell. When using parts of this video, please link to this video and/or channel.

This video is of educational / historical significance, and therefore footage from “McQ” is considered Fair Use.
1. The original footage that’s used is included to create a historical contrast been 1973 and 2018, in the locations noted.
2. The original footage is from the much larger work, “McQ”, available for purchase:
3. The original footage is used sparingly. Only edited-for-length scenes in notable locations, are shown.
4. Any interest in the entire movie is preserved (and possibly heightened).

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