Made in USA : Tour the Beyond Clothing Facility

Beyond is American Made technical outerwear. Come visit our Acropolis in Seattle, WA for an in-person tour of our manufacturing, design, and brand process. Visit:

Beyond remodeled it’s facility in the fall of 2013 with the goal to create a space that encouraged customer engagement. We believe people should know where their clothing comes from and that our customers should be able to voice their opinions about our products face to face. Learn a little bit about why we think that’s important and come see for yourself!

Beyond was born out of the foothills of the Cascades with a vision to disrupt the traditional business model of the outdoor industry. With the belief that standard sized outerwear and lethargic development timelines leave something to be desired, a college student began sourcing high performance fabrics and sewing up custom fit outerwear to the exact specifications of his posse of backcountry skiers. Once word spread through the subcultures of modern adventurers, the vision grew out of the dorms and into the marketplace.

We have come a long way since our humble beginning; we now harness the some of the most sophisticated technology in apparel design and creation. Although larger in size, we have remained true to our calling. Customized fit, while dynamic and challenging, has remained a part of our product offering. We still embrace the Pacific Northwest as home. Highly skilled artisans still craft our apparel right here in Seattle using the latest innovations in performance outerwear. And we still value user generated feedback as if we were still sewing up jackets in the dorm between classes.

So go ahead: let us show you what happens when you dare to go beyond the status quo. Join the quiet revolution and let us outfit you with the gear you’ll need to find your edge, and go Beyond.

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