Lunch with Laura in Portland – Part 1 NW Edition: Hippie Fashion

This week join wardrobe stylist/image consultant, Laura Hunt, in the northwest corner of the U.S. as she travels to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. This is a two-part segment with part 1 taking you through the famous food cart district of Portland, a stop at the very well-known Voodoo Doughnut shop and then finally, thrifting for hippie inspired fashion at Buffalo Exchange.

Hippie styles have been around since the 60’s and although went away during the broad shouldered 80’s and skinny jeaned 90’s, the “anything goes” style eventually made it’s way back to the fashion scene, as all styles do. In part 1 of this 2 part special northwest edition of Lunch with Laura, you’ll get some basic tips on how to channel this free-spirited trend with a modern day, stylish flair.

Subscribe and join Laura for lunch around the world to discuss fashion, style and overall image. Segments are short and sweet (with an emphasis on SWEET). Dessert anyone?

Laura will also be covering various topics as they relate to beauty, self-confidence, nutrition and fitness with expert guests in those areas joining her for lunch. And since she’s always on the road, she will probably throw in some travel tips too. A fun lunch with fabulous food and conversation filled with helpful tips and advice.




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