Hello all I’m back again with another segment of McModels! This time we are chatting (and laughing uncontrollably) with the hilarious and wildly handsome Yousef, https://www.instagram.com/iamyouseffe/. We dive in and talk about queer identity and mental health in the modeling industry and how to make the most of your individuality. Thank you to Mcdonalds for another delicious meal 😉

Follow my journey https://www.instagram.com/mysocalledstyle/
Name: Levi Sawyer
Profession: Fashion Stylist
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Fave hobby: Laughing endlessly with friends, hypothetical humor, oh and creating too.
Zodiac: Taurus
From: Honolulu, Hawaii and Seattle, Wa!
Intro music “My Style”: by my buddy Sam Barbera https://www.instagram.com/_beginners
All other music by https://www.epidemicsound.com/
Content shot on Canon M6

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  • Modeling and queer identity, with Yousef!

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