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    Fortunately some of the kids broke ranks and reported it. According to the school district ... After all, common sense seems to have gone out of fashion long ago. I doubt attending life skill advisory ...

  • Customizing a capsule work wardrobe, Seattle style

    and the concept has undergone a recent revival on blogs and in fashion media as a minimalist approach to dressing. Like any wardrobe item, the idea itself needs a bit of updating, says Carolyne ...

  • Women who have defined fashion

    This American blogger behind Man Repeller has influenced our fashion choices by being the virtual friend ... It is rare to have a designer offer clothes so simple and minimalist, yet get us giddy and ...

  • Tiny houses multiply amid big issues as communities tackle homelessness

    While the first of its kind in Kansas City, VCP mirrors the increasing number of tiny-house projects that nonprofit groups, churches and other organizations have been building in recent years — from ...

  • American Princesses: These royals were all 'Born in the U.S.A.'

    In 2016, she became the Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada and she also once ran her own lifestyle blog, The Tig ... Once a fan of thrift shops and grunge, Kendra broke onto the fashion circuit ...

  • The 5 Kanye West Rants that Make Us Miss His Blog

    (We also remember West posting a surprising amount of minimalist tree houses ... NO COCAINE, JUST LIFE MY NIGGAS!! NO COCAINE, JUST LIFE! IT'S FUNNY TO ME WHEN FASHION BLOGGERS DOWN OUR OUFITS AND ...

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    After her father had a heart attack, Erin Alderson (whose initials are ELLA) broke up with ... diet has improved her life—from better digestion to thicker, healthier hair—carrying the banner forward ...

  • Stop packing so much: The minimalist packing list

    But on that underground train, I realised that this type of packing wasn’t go to fly in our new nomadic lifestyle. Fast forward to the tail ... a referral program so don’t appear on many travel blogs.

  • The top fashion trends for 2011

    The fashion world doesn't celebrate New Year with you civilians, you know. We do our all-change moment in September, when we have a nice tan and the light is flattering. The first few weeks of January ...

  • The 50 albums that changed music

    King of the Delta Blues Singers (1961) Described by Eric Clapton as 'the most important blues singer that ever lived', Johnson was an intensely private man, whose short life and mysterious ...

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