-HEY THERE EVERYONE!!! This was shot over the course of the semester, and A lot of work was put into it. It is a student film that I shot for the art institute of seattle, and you’ll see quite a few of my classmates throughout the short. Anyways I hope you enjoy and soon I hope to create more Short Films, to upload to this channel two Fun style shorts are already shot they just need editing and you can expect one This Friday And One next Friday. Over the Course of Spring Break I’m also hoping too shoot more shorts to hopefully release on the Channle subscribe to stay up to date on all things DI Directors.
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We Are DIdirectors, Indy Filmakers that Love making shorts, action Videos and VFX oriented films as well as the occasional Vlog. Born from the Ground up With nearly zero Budget, we’ve worked hard to bring some of our funnest Ideas to the Small screen as well as a few of our larger ones. New videos are coming up every week so make sure to hit that Subscribe button in order to be notified. Likes and Comments are always appreciated as well!

Entertain your Brain with this weeks Video:
“The Reunion – Action Video”


More info on Life As We Know It (Alien Invasion Short Film)

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