➖48 Hours In Seattle: Belltown➖
‼️Welcome back Adventurers & Adventurettes ‼️
It’s my 1st ever solo-trip & I’m headed to a new city I know little about! 🌃
I’ve always been fascinated w/Seattle, so the moment I found a cheap plane ticket & affordable accommodation, I knew I had to take a chance! ☁️✈️ I booked 2 nights in a Dorm at #CityHostelSeattle ! Right downtown in the middle of all the action🎬
Join me on my latest venture as I explore the bustling neighborhood of Belltown🚊, Try legal cannabis, 🍃And meet cool & interesting people from all over the world! 🌍

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More info on Just Go |S3 Ep1| 48 Hrs in Belltown, Seattle – Travel Guide |CITY HOSTEL SEATTLE|

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