Your Guide to Seattle’s International District – Chinatown

Attractions in Seattle’s International District – Chinatown

Looking to explore Chinatown in Seattle’s international district? Then take a look at some of the top attractions worth visiting in the neighborhood:

Wing Luke Asian Museum

When it comes to finding out about the rich history of Chinatown, heading to the Wing Like Asian Museum is a must. They provide a wide range of exhibitions that reveal the life of the Asian immigrants that first built the neighborhood, as well as some of its most famous residents – such as a certain actor known as Bruce Lee!

Tours of the neighborhood are also provided, so you can explore the neighborhood with an expert guide to help reveal some of its hidden gems, including spots frequented by Bruce Lee, the best locations for authentic cuisine, and tours of the museum itself.

Seattle Pinball Museum

A great find in Chinatown in the Seattle Pinball Museum, where you can find an incredible range of pinball machines that date back as far as 1934. Dozens of different pinball machines are begging to be played and with drinks and snacks available in the museum, there isn’t a better way to kill an hour or so when in Chinatown.

What sounds better than enjoying the throwback of playing a few vintage games of pinball whilst taking in a friendly local atmosphere?

Hau Hau Market

You cannot visit Chinatown without checking out some of the local cuisine and produce, and there is no better place to find these than at Hau Hau Market. Take in the sights and sounds of a bustling market that features a phenomenal range of Chinese and Asian products in this outdoor market that has become a favourite destination for Seattleites looking for a good bargain.

Fruit, vegetables, meats and other produce are available for very reasonable rates, and even if you don’t end up buying anything there is still lots to enjoy through exploring the various stalls and chatting with the vendors and other locals.

Hing Hay Park

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a neighborhood such as Chinatown is to simply sit down in a quaint location to take in the sights and sounds. Hing Hay Park remains one of the best locations in all of Chinatown to sit down and enjoy the bustling day to day life of the neighborhood and there is a number of benches and tables for sitting.

The authentic Chinese pavilion at the center of the park is certainly worth visiting, and there are even chess tables located nearby where you can test your skills against some locals. The park comes to life during summer with free music and events regularly held here.

International Children’s Park

First developed in the 1980s, the International Children’s Park was one of three parks introduced into Chinatown as part of a community-driven campaign to improve the neighborhood.

This charming little park features a playground that is perfect for kids to have a bit of fun but the seats and benches make for a great way to rest for anyone needing to catch their breath after exploring Chinatown.

A sandpit forms a yin-yang symbol and a dragon sculpture helps to add a stylish Chinese design to the park.

Union Station

Union Station is the location of a former train station building found at the corner of S. Jackson an 4th Avenue S. After sitting derelict for 30 years the building and surrounding area saw much renovation to help, as did the surrounding buildings that are widely regarded as part of the Union Station area.

Chinatown is located a stone’s throw away from the building itself and serves as one of the main attractions for the redeveloped area. You can find an amazing range of food stalls, vendors, shops and other attractions such as the Chinatown Gate.

Restaurants in Seattle’s International District – Chinatown

Looking for some of the best authentic Asian cuisine in Chinatown? Then, you need to try some of the following restaurants!

Green Leaf

Green Leaf is one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood for anyone looking to enjoy some authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Foods are packing with flavor and are made using the freshest ingredients, with staples of Vietnamese cuisine such as fish paste, soy sauce, fresh vegetables and herbs, rice, and soy sauce along with meats such as pork, chicken and shrimp.

Starters, mains, and sides are all Vietnamese in origin and anyone that has never tried this style of food before needn’t look further than Green Leaf located in Seattle’s Chinatown.

Harbour City Restaurant

Harbour City Restaurant is the perfect location to visit for some truly authentic and delicious Chinese-style cuisine. Small portions of dim sum are a great way to taste various classic Chinese dishes such as steamed chicken buns, shrimp cakes, and various dumplings.

Favorites such as roasted duck and BBQ pork are sure to go down well too, as are the numerous seafood dishes like oysters in garlic sauce and honey walnut prawns.

Pho Bac

Another Vietnamese offering, Pho Bac is a fine restaurant with very affordable rates. They specialise in producing the national dish of Vietnam known as pho – a soup that consists of broth, rice noodles, fresh herbs, and meats that are traditionally either chicken or beef.

Pho is of course the meal worth trying at Pho Bac with the soup available with beef, chicken, prawns, and just vegetables. Sandwiches with a Vietnamese twist are also well worth trying, as too is the salads and com (a rice dish available with different fillings such as chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, prawns).

House of Hong

House of Hong are a long-time favorite for many locals of Chinatown as the restaurant has been operating for 30 years!

Dim sum is the area of expertise of this Chinese restaurant, with a number of different dishes available in both fried and steamed options. These bite-size portions are great for tasting a variety of flavors and are available to pick and choose from a cart, allowing plenty of options when it comes to what eat!

Shanghai Garden

A great location for a wide selection of Chinese cuisine, Shanghai Garden is the place to visit in Chinatown for fast and affordable Chinese food.

There are many classic Chinese meals available here, including kun pao chicken, beef and broccoli, pork dumpling, and General Tso’s Chicken, although the hand shaven green barely noodles are known to carry quite the reputation.

Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree is a charming Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown that provides the perfect setting for eating out. The décor is very calming, with water features and plenty of plant life aimed to help make the ambience perfect for unwinding.

The food is classic Vietnamese fare, with pho soup a particular favorite amongst locals. Bun Cha Ha Noi is another popular dish of pork and vermicelli, while the various spring roll creations are very much must-try dish.


Chinatown is home to many Japanese restaurants and Tsukushinbo is certainly amongst the best you can try. Omakse is a popular option here where you leave the decision of your meal in the capable hands of the chef, with the term coming from the Japanese for ‘I’ll leave it up to you’.

Otherwise there is a typical selection of tasty Japanese cuisine, including favorites like sushi, miso soup, and ramen.


With a history dating back 100 years to the early years of Japanese immigration in the United States, Maneki remains one of the most beloved authentic Japanese restaurants in the entire city let alone in the Chinese-International District.

In that time, they have learned a thing or two about producing some truly wonderful Japanese food, including sushi, kamameshi, noodles and soups, ramen, and various seafood dishes.

Shilla Korean BBQ

Perhaps one of the most underrated types of Asian cuisine, Korean food is as delicious as it gets, so visiting Shilla Korean BBQ is well worth it next time you are in Chinatown!

This trendy restaurant features some truly wonderful Korean cuisine cooked in the best and most authentic way possible – on a grill at your own table!

There are countless options when it comes to the grilled dishes here, with various cuts of mean available including pork and beef, and various seafood options.

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