Indiana Eastern Railroad. Switching 2 customers at the end of the railroad branch line. This shortline railway only has 2 customers on the nearly 30 miles of main line track running from Cottage Grove, Indiana with the CSX connection down to Fernald, Ohio. Trains normally run railroad east to Fernald on Mondays and Thursdays. First they switch the interchange tracks on CSX. When on CSX they operate on 160.230 during switching and use 160.320 to talk to the dispatcher. After they get back on their own tracks they switch to 160.965 for the remainder of their trip. After switching the interchange and working their sidings, they cross over the railroad diamond in Cottage Grove and then head to their 2 customers at the end of the line nearly 30 miles away. This video shows the chase including the huge trestle at Okeana, Ohio ( that I always mispronounce ). It shows some of the switching including crossing the 3 track level crossing near the end of track. This line has heavy welded rail with excellent roadbed so trains move along pretty fast. It can be a little tricky to chase since some areas don’t get internet. The locomotive is an EMD GP38-2 that was recently painted in this awesome livery. IERR also has an SD9 that I have filmed and they have another dead SD9 on a siding at their shop area. I filmed this on January 23, 2020 with a lifelong friend of mine. Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment, rate and subscribe to JawTooth!

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